World Salad (A Mixed Bag), 2022. Photorealistic render and digital collage.

Cover art for World Salad.

‘World Salad’ is a podcast with no particular theme. I write about things that interest me, and from time-to-time speak to interesting people – I hope they interest you too. I do so to offer my perspective, and to share insights on all aspects of art, culture, history, science & technology – mixing it all up until something makes sense. 🔊 Produced in stereo, listening with headphones is recommended. New episodes are released weekly, usually on a Friday – and due to the looseness of content and format, things are liable to develop over time. Why not subscribe, wherever you listen to podcasts, so you can stay up to date? If you would like to support World Salad, please consider leaving a rating and/or review, following the show @world__salad and sharing it with your nearest and dearest. World Salad is written, recorded and produced by Chris Hodson, @chris__hodson.

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