Untitled (Ammut, the Devourer), 2021. Digital collage using found photographs.

Truth is an energy. You can feel it. That feeling in your gut. Your Intuition; That’s truth. Knowing without knowledge. And Truth is Goodness. The Ancient Egyptians knew this. They called it “Ma’at” (pronounced May-et). Ma’at was the Universal force of truth, justice harmony and balance, most often depicted as a single white Ostrich feather, and deified as a seated goddess.

In the Palace of Truth, the soul of a deceased person would arrive to be interrogated about their Earthly life by forty-two judges, the Assessors of Ma’at, and undergo a simple trial; The seat of their existence, the human heart, was weighed against the Feather of Truth. Should it be found to be heavier, the mendacious organ was unceremoniously cast to the floor to be devoured by the monster Ammut. You would simply cease to exist, at all. Instant complete and total oblivion. If you hadn’t lived a truthful, harmonious and balanced life, you were unworthy of existence on Earth or within the spiritual realm. Pass the test, and you would be led through to the Field of Reeds, an eternal facsimile of the physical world devoted to pleasure.

What you need to bear in mind with the truth is that it is singular. No amount of subterfuge, censorship or distraction can dilute it. There are no versions nor revisions. However uncomfortable. Truth is constant. And it will always come to light.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tells us that the meaning of life is a cryptic, “42”. Was Adams referring to ancient pantheon? That the meaning of our life on Earth is to uphold truth and justice? An action which magnifies another eternal and Universal force – Love.

When your time comes and you’re brought before the forty-two judges, how will you fare?

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