[Untitled], 2021, Digital collage using personal and found photographs.

Mornin’! Listen, I know it’s early: I just need to tell you about the “One Electron Theory”.

In 1940 Physicist John Wheeler called his mate Richard Feynman to run something by him, something he’d been working on for a while and which had been keeping him up at night.

He posited that there is only one singular electron in the entire known and unknown Universe, and that it is in everything, everywhere, all at once. Even moving backwards and forwards in “time”. [mindblown]. I’ll say that again – one electron, which is in absolutely every-thing, every-where, simultaneously; And connects past, present and probably even future together as one big eternal NOW.

What’s more, the maths apparently checks out. [double mindblown].

My toast’s just popped, I’ll ring you back.

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