Untitled (Morphic Resonance), 2021, Digital collage using personal and found photographs.

No one knows how pigeons find their way home. But they do, even if you blindfold them – not that I’ve ever tried it.

I’ll leave that to Dr Rupert Sheldrake of Trinity College, Cambridge, whose research examines the possible existence of multiple energetic or “morphic” fields connecting all things, animal, mineral and vegetable. “Morphic Resonance” is a sort of collective global subconscious through which all thought flows; And could explain bird murmurations, human intuition, simultaneous thought and other more esoteric things like psychic mediumship.

He and his research team conducted a number of experiments with humanely disoriented Pigeons where everything was done to impede their ability to navigate. Blindfolds, blocking their nasal cavities, releasing them halfway around the world – you name it, they tried it. And still they came back.

Another series of slightly more grisly experiments involved two distinct populations of fish (I think they were Bass), in two separate lakes some 25 miles apart. A fishing lure was designed which would be incredibly painful once the Bass had succumbed to it’s glittery charms. It was only ever used in the first lake and over time those fish learned to avoid it. What’s crazy is, once it was introduced to the other lake some months later, the fish there already knew it was something to steer clear of, and didn’t take the bait.

So, if you’ve ever thought you were being stared at only to turn and lock eyes with someone across the room, or had a feeling you were going to hear from an old friend, for the to phone go – you may well have tapped into a morphic field yourself.

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