Untitled (Desert Scene), 2021. Digital collage using found photographs.

Good morning! How did you sleep? Well, I hope. No nightmares? I only ask because the Hopi tribe of Native Americans believe that our dreams are as real as our waking life.

They have lived in the deserts of north-eastern Arizona for thousands of years and are reputed to be the oldest, longest surviving people on Earth. Their name means, “People of Peace.”

According to Hopi tradition, we have been through two worlds already and currently stand on the edge of a fourth. An asteroid destroyed the first world and ice claimed the second. This, the third world, will be destroyed by mankind because of our avaristic lust for technology and dominion over the natural world. Forsaking our spiritual selves for science and technology.

At “Prophecy Rock” near Oraibi, Arizona, the future is clearly mapped out in ancient petroglyphs. All three worlds are carved as circles watched over by the god Maasaw, sworn guardian of Mother Earth. The third circle is incomplete, as if the clock stands at five minutes to midnight. Forwards in time, Maasaw is shown clutching an ear of corn within the fourth world indicating that when the hour strikes, nature will reclaim what was hers all along.

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