What do you get if you cross a grey lump,  a stretch of chain-link fence and a splattering of day-glo paint? … about 95% of the work that zips through my Instagram feed on a daily basis.*

You can’t get a razor’s edge between most of it, and it’s got to a point where I’m just not seeing it anymore. Concrete induced snow-blindness.

I’m not dismissing this work out of hand, fair play to you, you’ve obviously arrived there for your own reasons; I’d just like you to take a step back and ask yourselves: “What am I doing with this block of Griotte that hundreds of others aren’t?” – and if you can’t answer that question, maybe it’s time to try something else.

And what’s with all these new “isms”? Why would artists themselves want to classify what it is that they do. Isn’t it better not to know?

Putting unnecessary emphasis on things troubles me; the fact that something is 3D printed wasn’t all that interesting ten years ago, so certainly isn’t now, and if you go looking for a “Glitch”, you won’t find one – just the shell of an idea. Unlike most things you can slap a label on, art doesn’t have a U.S.P. It reeks of gimmickery.

Don’t hang your hat on someone else’s coat peg; citing the life’s work of someone far more notable than yourself lends no more credence to your sculpture. If it’s in there, we’ll find it.

As I see it there are two possible reasons for all of this; one is that Universities have academissed art to such a degree that it’s uncomfortable for emerging artists to do otherwise, adopting a sort of safety in numbers stance; the other is that those who make this sort of homogeneous work lack the nous to know any different. Maybe it’s a bit of both?

Whatever the case, I’m still waiting for something to knock me off my chair.

And another thing, Bucky-f*****g-Fuller can piss off as well. Just lighten up, alright?

*an exaggeration, but you know what I mean?

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